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How to Remodel a House this 2024 - Arpr Mexico

Updated: Jan 8

The remodeling of a house can be due to different situations and most cases leave good results and benefits. Whether you want to remodel your home, invest, remodel to sell or rent in this post we tell you the most important points to do it.


We must always look for the functionality and our utility before the aesthetic, before remodeling we must go to an architect or interior designer, or if we want to do it by ourselves we must look at the functionality and the key areas that will make us grow our real estate capital gain with little investment later we will explain these points.

Quality of life

A remodeling improves our quality of life, when we feel at ease with the space, it automatically generates satisfaction and this automatically fills us with energy. A proven example is lighting with our moods and energy. It has been proven that well-lit offices increase productivity. Now let's imagine the space where we spend most of our time.

Strategic areas to remodel

We must invest in strategic areas of higher value, not price. Investing in a remodeling in key areas will make us recover our investment through the added value that this will generate, in addition to the fact that these areas are of high interest when selling and renting the property.


Closets are an area of utmost importance, since they generate greater comfort, besides being very versatile. Closets are an area that today is very necessary to generate comfort and luxury.


The kitchen is the space par excellence, a good kitchen will increase the value of the property, it is not necessary to have the largest or most luxurious kitchen, but a kitchen that has the necessary and is presentable.


It is well known that bathrooms are our temple, since we spend intimate moments and time in them, as well as relaxation and pleasure when we feel clean. Investing in floors, lighting and bathroom furniture will make it more comfortable. A nice bathroom will increase the value of your property.

Take advantage of and recover spaces

One of the tips to reform a house is to "take advantage". We tend to cover the old to update it, when surely the best solution is to recover it. An example can be to recover a wall and remove the exposed stone. Perhaps it is not interesting to do it in the whole house, but it can give a very special touch if you keep it on the wall of the headboard of the bedroom and the rest you paint it".

Integrate the recovered element

The advice is to do it through color. "At the level of combination of colors and textures on the wall, my advice is to choose soft colors, pastels or not very saturated tones for the wall, so that they accompany and dress the space, but without taking away the prominence of the original wall." The idea is to create a balanced and luminous base and play with details to add color.

Improve natural light

As an idea that you should keep when renovating or rehabilitating a house is to achieve greater luminosity. It is necessary to take into account the distribution of the spaces to take advantage of the light, to create rooms as spacious as possible. The trend is to create an open space that neatly houses the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Tips to get the lighting right

As for this new approach to lighting the house, creating perimeter sashes or chandeliers projects a homogeneous illumination similar to that of a sunrise. It is an appropriate idea for passageways, hallways or to create environments in the same room. Also install LED lights under furniture and install different phases of ignition to achieve scenes.

Combining old and new elements

It is likely that when renovating a house you have to change the floor of almost the entire house and perhaps restore it or look for loose pieces that fit with the original is very complicated. In these cases the ideal is to keep a space with the original floor -for example, the hall or staircase and combine it with other more current materials so the original spirit is maintained. Also play with newer materials and restore a wooden door.

Enhance the new with the original

As far as it is possible and the structure of the house allows it, it is always more personal and gives more character to maintain elements of the original structure, such as wooden beams, moldings or pillars that are exposed. It may be necessary to reinforce them (it is important that this is done in an aesthetic way). If this is not possible, there is always the option of putting a new element and then give it a treatment to make it look original and aged.

Maintain good distribution

Essential in the reform of a house is to adapt the distribution to the current way of life. "It is essential to take into account the orientation of the house, to know each of its corners and what is around, which areas of the house are noisier or which have better natural light.

Use raw materials and the original style of the area.

It is also important to know the original materials of where the old house to be renovated is located. Perhaps there is a type of stone typical of the area, that, in order to renovate floors, entrances, or even facades, it may be interesting to prioritize it over others that, although we may like, are out of tune with the environment.



A fundamental advice when reforming a house is to renew the electrical installation. First because if it is very old it can be deteriorated or not adapted to the effective norm. For security it is advisable to do it. But also to gain light in the interiors. Above all, it plans well the darkest rooms, either for being interior or for having small windows that give to interior courtyards, something frequent in old constructions.


As with the electrical system, you must take into account that in the reform of an old house the plumbing installation will have to be checked. The pipes must be adequate in material to guarantee the healthiness of the water. In what remains in sight, it is a matter of aesthetics to choose faucets of retro or current line (all will incorporate water saving systems almost certainly).

The colonial houses usually hide authentic treasures that are discovered throughout the reform. Great moldings; carpentry friezes; fantastic floors with marquetry; original hydraulic tiles sheltered under more modern terrazzo floors; endless ceilings; beams or columns that can be used to great advantage... Recycling these elements, reusing and restoring will make these jewels the protagonists and give a unique character to our


Things to take into account before starting the renovation

You must check the structure of the house. Find out if it has been renovated less than ten years ago, if the structure has been reinforced or if it has a technical report. The architects will be the ones who can also inform you about the state.

Ask for a detailed budget with the amount of each item and that contemplates an extra for extras that may arise, but that are contemplated or controlled. It should also indicate the dates.

How much does a complete renovation cost?

The renovation of an old house should include some of the essentials that we have seen in general, we believe that it is essential to prioritize the elements, materials, textures and even colors of the environment, in order to consider the renovation of a house and based on these choose the rest of the new elements. This way we will not break the essence of the house and we will get a perfectly integrated result". And he suggests that we look at details such as "the color of the window frames or shutters. It can be important when choosing the color of the walls. If they were originally green, it can be a good starting point to keep that color and from there go looking for a palette of materials and colors that fit, in this way we will save costs to a considerable extent, we calculate an average cost of 20 to 30% of the total value of the house.


You must know that it is necessary to request all the building permits for the reform. It is a procedure that can be done by the architect or company that you hire, but it should also be detailed in the budget.

On your part, you should ask the town hall -before buying the house- if it is affected by any change of urban planning. Keep this in mind because if this is the case you will not be able to obtain the major works license (essential in a rehabilitation because it is the one that allows you to modify the structure). Otherwise you will only be able to refurbish the interior.


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