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Granite Types and Uses in Construction 2023 - ARPR MÉXICO

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Granite, with its primitive beauty, has a great relevance in today's interior design and decoration. White and gray granites, pure and crystalline, slightly bluish, mottled in gray, with silver effects or mottled in black. These are Grissal, Blanco Cristal, Pedras Salgadas and all this delicate collection capable of transporting us to the elegance of millenary architectures to incorporate it to modern projects of interior design and decoration of classic and homogeneous lines. A material of always and forever.


This ancient stone is versatile and adaptable to all surfaces in living spaces and interior design. On countertops, interior walls and floors, facades and exterior floors (only in flamed and shot-blasted finish).


Via Lactea granite is a natural stone from Brazil, comprising a beautiful pattern of white mica flakes, on a delicate black base. It is a durable granite recommended for kitchen counters or bathroom countertops.


Black granite is a natural stone widely used in kitchen countertops thanks to its qualities of resistance and hardness, but, above all, to its imposing aesthetics that attracts all eyes.

granito san gabriel


A velvety, velvety black natural material that shines with its own light. Ideal for the classiest spaces in your projects, a San Gabriel granite countertop in a bathroom with neutral-colored cladding adds the intense touch needed to escape from monotony. It is also a great option for bold kitchens, with lacquered cabinets in bright colors such as red or lime green.

granito santa cecilia


If there is something that defines Santa Cecilia granite is its marked combination of colors, a beautiful and natural coloring full of contrasts. These are the features that define Santa Cecilia granite.

The luminosity of yellow, the versatility of brown, the personal touch of black.

Used for kitchen countertops, it is best paired with simple, modern furniture in light colors. The personality of the countertop will dominate the environment, so it is best not to overload it excessively. On the contrary, Santa Cecilia granite is at its best when combined with neutral, light and luminous colors and smooth surfaces with pure lines.

granito avalancha


The avalanche granite or avalanche is a combination of white, gray tones, having a great resemblance to a mountain covered with snow, its combination of colors and shapes will give the space an exotic touch.

Main Uses:

Interior and exterior kitchens: Granite countertops for kitchens and/or bathrooms, floors and walls.

Bathrooms: Granite countertops, walls and floors.

Wet areas: Swimming pools, waterfalls,

Interiors: Granite countertops, walls, fireplaces and floors. Therefore.

Exteriors: Walls and floors. Finally.


The leather finish offers a flat and not rough, which transmits a unique sensory perception to the touch for its beauty and fineness.

Its main characteristic is its matte finish, which makes Silestone a smooth and very pleasant surface, maintaining a full color consistency. It is suitable for use in vertical cladding and countertops, both in bathrooms and kitchens.

granit ala de mosca


Blue Fly Wing Granite:

Take advantage of its distinctive colors and textures to give a touch of elegance and originality to every space in your home, the blue fly wing granite is a very favorable material for bathrooms, kitchen countertops and furniture in general.


It is a granular rock, crystalline, compact, hard, blue silver tones and with shine. Composed essentially of quartz, feldspar and mica, it is totally recyclable, ecological and easy to maintain. This natural material brings originality to the place where it is used. Its durability and resistance to the passage of time make the quality-price ratio favorable.

Suggested uses:

kitchen countertops, bathrooms, breakfast bars, counters, etc.


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