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Best Cities & Places to Live in Mexico 2024 - ARPR MEXICO

Updated: Jan 8


Merida is considered the safest city to live in Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula as the safest state in Mexico with the greatest potential for real estate investment. Since, its visitors have access to other parts and cities of the peninsula such as Campeche and Quintana Roo. Places that are part of Yucatan and have become very popular thanks to the natural beauties it possesses, from the Riviera Maya and Tulum in the State of Quintana Roo, to Celestun and the cenotes that inhabit the State of Yucatan.

In addition, Merida has an interesting geographic position in the country with land, sea and air access, which facilitates its international communication and with the rest of the Mexican Republic.

The state of Yucatan has international connections in the country, since it is the fastest access point from the Mexican border to:

  • Europe.

  • The United States.

  • Central America.

  • The Caribbean Islands.

The strategic location provides interconnectivity, a short distance from Cancun, Quintana Roo having access to its important airport with direct international destinations, resulting in the city is linked to major destinations. Merida has an exit to Progreso, the most important port of the state located 20 minutes away from the city, which serves as a tourist point as well as providing an entrance to national and international trade. Its location makes Merida an important point for international markets, as it has its own port of import and export, located in Progreso Yucatan, just 20 minutes from the capital. Merida and Progreso will be part of the Special Economic Zone, which will become a trigger for development, providing benefits as well as tax and regulatory facilities for investment. In addition to the above, there are other advantages.

Economic growth

The state's economy has been boosted by a series of national and international investments, which together are estimated at more than 47 billion pesos. During the last 2 years alone, Yucatan received more than 151.3 million dollars in foreign direct investment, thus registering an increase of 74.35% in that year compared to 2018 and was the seventh fastest growing entity in the country making it one of the best cities to live in Mexico.

An example of this is the construction of large shopping centers with the arrival of new companies, which can be considered as signs that the city is prosperous. Some companies that have bet on Yucatán are Sym Servicios Integrales, a Mexican aeronautical company; Vertical Knits, a textile company that manufactures garments for prestigious international brands such as Nike; the Japanese company Uchiyama Manufacturing Corporation, dedicated to the production of seals for the automotive sector; the Yucatecan consortium Vidrios Millet; the American company PCC Airfoils, from the aerospace industry; and the German company Leoni Wiring Systems, which will continue its growth process in the state.

Merida has become an attractive place for investment, and in a few years it is expected to become a pillar city to improve the state's economy and achieve the federal government's goal of 4% growth.

Projects such as the Mayan Train will boost its attractiveness, in addition to generating greater infrastructure as it is an important region for tourism.

Investment in Merida is not exclusive to large companies. Learn more about home investment opportunities in Merida.

Another reason to invest in Merida is the development that the city has had, which is reflected in the population growth, which is estimated to increase by approximately 1.8% per year in addition to expanding towards the periphery. If you want to live or invest in Mexico, Merida is the safest city in Mexico. Find homes in Merida Yucatan here.

Investment land

In Merida there are many undeveloped or semi-developed areas either in or near the city, and thanks to the fact that growth is just beginning, there are many investment opportunities in urbanized lots and land at very affordable prices. Similarly, the state government has invested in the creation of large industrial parks, which facilitates space for companies, among which are:

  • Poligono Industrial.

  • Motul Industrial Park.

  • Yucatan Industrial Park.

  • Umán Industrial Park.

  • Mayab Industrial Park.

  • Industrial Park of Yucalpetén.

  • Industrial Park Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

  • Scientific and Technological Park of Yucatan

Security and quality of life

Merida is a different city compared to the rest of the country, a place where peace is the common denominator every day with the advantage of the infrastructure of a large metropolis.

The city is growing and developing and currently in the last quarter of 2023 they have invested in improving the roads and making them inclusive for all types of traffic, putting throughout the city bike paths, crosswalks, safe places for the disabled, parking for bicycles, buses for the disabled and crosswalks with elevators. On a national level, the work of the Yucatecan police continues to give good results that translate into the arrival of millions in tourist investments, and in the increase of visitors arriving both by air and by sea through new cruise ships.

In addition to this positive news for the economic and tourism sector, Yucatan continues to lead in security statistics.

The work of the Secretariat of Public Security headed by Commander Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda is implicitly recognized and qualified.

The results of the National Urban Public Safety Survey (ENSU), highlights Merida because more than 80% of citizens say they feel safe, which contrasts with the national average of the country, where 70% feel unsafe, leaving Merida as one of the safest states in Mexico 2024.

Without a doubt, Merida is one of the cities where people feel the safest. Find here homes for sale in Merida

Natural Resources

All of Yucatan has the great advantage of having natural resources, which are attractive with unparalleled beauty such as beautiful beaches, exotic cenotes, a great diversity of flora and fauna. Although they are not located exactly in the city, they are close to the capital, making them the ideal place to take a vacation, relax or go on an adventure.

Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, the city of Merida is one of the safest cities in Mexico, as it has appeared in international lists as one of the safest cities in the world. It seeks to meet the needs of its residents and its new national and foreign residents. Merida has established some English-speaking community organizations focused on foreign families, such as support groups for new mothers and libraries containing exclusively English volumes, where you can practice your English in community, located in the Santiago neighborhood in the center of the city.

Where to live in Merida?

You can find properties in Merida in the center of the city for $1.5 Mdp, the best subdivisions to buy houses in Merida are in the middle, north and west of the city. The most sought after neighborhoods are 1- Benito Juárez Norte 2- Campestre 3- Montecristo 4- Montes de Amé 5- Colonia México 6- Garcia Gineres 7- Zona Paseo Montejo (Zona Centro) as well as the new subdivisions near Altabrisa, such as 9- Cholul and 10- Conkal are among the best options for living. Before deciding on an area, it is important to define what style of property you want to acquire (house in a private residential area) or (house by colonial location) and the estimated budget to choose your best option when moving to the city. Undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in mexico 2024.

Do you want to live in Merida?

2-.San Pedro Garza Garcia

San Pedro is a municipality of Monterrey, considered one of the safest cities to live in Mexico. Its landscapes and mountain views make it a unique city for those who enjoy having coffee in the morning with spectacular views, but don't forget that it is very close to one of the largest cities in Mexico.

San Pedro Garza Garcia is influenced by international culture, and this can be seen in its many museums and its nightlife full of renowned restaurants, with a gastronomic offer of all cultures. The best thing is that it is a very safe city to live in and its labor offer is focused on specialized jobs, making it an ideal city to invest in business premises. Undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in Mexico 2024.

How much does it cost to live in San Pedro Garza García?

The municipality has a variety of projects, including offices, shopping centers and luxury housing. At the beginning of 2020, Miguel Treviño de Hoyos, current municipal president of the region, announced an investment of 900,000 million pesos in public works that included remodeling, road infrastructure, rehabilitation of parks and sidewalks. Thus, the locality continues to advance in its growth and this is reflected in the real estate sector.

According to the market report, the sales price per square meter in San Pedro Garza Garcia is 60,014 pesos, showing a monthly variation downward of 0.4%, however, in terms of the annual variation it showed an increase of 2.1%.

On the other hand, the region is the one with the highest rental price, with a price of 16,450 pesos per month. In addition, the Valle Oriente neighborhood, which is located within its territory, is the most exclusive, since the rent charged in the area is 20,554 pesos per month.

The municipality is setting the standard in terms of real estate development and quality of life for people. Now you know how much it costs to live in San Pedro Garza García.

Visit Mexico Queretaro


Many companies and corporations have their headquarters in Queretaro, including the textile and automotive industries, adding to its thriving economy and great job opportunities makes it one of the best places to live in Mexico. The high quality of life is reflected in its prestigious hospitals, Hospital San Jose de Queretaro and Hospital Angeles de Queretaro, both of which are able to provide for the English-speaking community.


If you are an entrepreneur, you will be delighted to know that, according to América Economía, Querétaro is the sixth best city in Latin America to invest, which explains the bonanza that this small but great state of the country has experienced. Lose the fear of trusting your ideas and bet on the advantages of living in Querétaro to catapult your professional and personal development.


Due to its geographical location, Querétaro enjoys an extraordinary climate: it has an average temperature of 28º C and sporadic rainfall, especially during the months of September and October. In addition, it is located in the heart of the Mexican Republic: a two-hour drive will take you to Mexico's main cities such as Mexico City, three hours to Guadalajara and a couple more to Monterrey. You will always be close to everything because living in Queretaro means living right in the geographical center of the country.


Queretaro International Airport is located 25 kilometers from the state capital, so the noise and traffic caused by it does not affect the urban area: you will not have to suffer the noise of planes taking off and landing, nor the damage caused by vibrations.

Population, the main attraction of living in Querétaro

The last population census showed that 1.5 million people live in the state, about 1 million of them in the capital. Although its economy is rather modest compared to that of other states, its demography makes it possible that it is not at odds with the quality of life of its inhabitants.

In Querétaro you will find the diversity and richness of a city, but the tranquility that only the interior of the Republic can offer: truly the best of both worlds!

4-.Saltillo Coahuila.

It is one of the cities with the lowest perception of insecurity by its citizens, in addition to its industrial growth and the quality of life of its inhabitants has been worthy of recognition. A property for sale can have a price of approximately 2 million 260 thousand pesos and for rent 13 thousand pesos. The average construction of a house is 212m² and of an apartment is 108m².

Security, services and infrastructure

Saltillo is one of the best cities to live in Mexico and to develop fully regardless of age.

Saltillo is one of those places that until some time ago was growing slowly but surely; now it is prospering rapidly and consolidating itself as an ideal city to enjoy retirement in an environment of tranquility and security: the desire of any person. In addition to being one of the top five safest cities in the country, it has a wide range of services and infrastructure.

Air quality, cultural offerings and mobility

maintains ratings above 2.8 out of 4. In terms of services such as garbage collection, public lighting and organization of events, it has also received evaluations above 7.9 out of 10, being the highest values at the national level.


In terms of garbage collection, public lighting and organization of events, it has also received evaluations higher than 7.9 out of 10, being the highest values at the national level.

Visit Mexico Xalapa


The capital of the state of Veracruz is one of the best cities to live in Mexico because it is very cheap, has a pleasant climate and is also a city of young people looking to grow economically.

Xalapa is home to the Universidad Veracruzana, one of the most prestigious faculties in the continent in the areas of social sciences and humanities, thanks to this, every year the city receives new students and millennials who are looking to grow personally.

Most choose to move to this city to start their own pet-friendly business, sell organic and handmade products, or because of their passion for culture and history.

By deciding to live in Xalapa you will be able to enjoy the best coffee in Coatepec, the bars downtown and its delicious gastronomy. In addition, every weekend you can enjoy a different cultural activity and visit nearby magical towns to de-stress from a difficult week at the office.


Here, clean air, education, cultural activities and short distances can translate into greater personal and professional development as well as more time for you and your family.


As home to numerous universities and study centers, Xalapa has an educational level above the state average. It also has a wide range of cultural activities.


The Xalapa market is a young market, its population of more than 700,000 inhabitants offers an infinite number of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.


You can quickly reach Mexico City or other major cities in a very short time. In addition, in 45 minutes you can be at the beach or on a snowy mountain.


Its location gives it one of the best climates in the country, its average annual temperature is 22 ºC (72 ºF).

As for properties, renting a house in Xalapa has an average cost of $2,500.00 up to $18,000.00 in private residences.

visit mexico san miguel allende

6-.San Miguel de Allende

A large number of foreigners have turned their eyes to this ancient city of 1542 to make their home. As a result, the city has seen significant real estate development in recent years. Residents of this city can find three-bedroom homes in the city center starting at US$150,000. It is currently one of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations, generating great economic and social growth.

Privileged Location

Unlike other cities, San Miguel de Allende is located in the central-eastern part of the state of Guanajuato, making it very close to the cities of Leon, Queretaro and Mexico City. It is also close to places like Dolores Hidalgo, San Luis de la Paz, Salamanca, among others.

Tourist Destination

At the beginning of July 20th, San Miguel de Allende became the first non-beach tourist destination in Latin America to receive the Travel Safety Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

Cultural offerings

Throughout the year there are a great number of festivals such as the Baroque Music Festival, Parade of Fools, Chamber Music Festival of San Miguel de Allende, International Jazz Festival, Day of the Dead and of course, its Parish of San Miguel de Arcángel, as well as the historic center, which was named a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Excellent weather

The city maintains a pleasant climate throughout the year, since the average temperature is between 16º and 25ºC, being an ideal territory for children, adults and seniors. The air quality is ideal for people who practice sports, since the air is pure and free of pollution.


It has a magnificent colonial architecture of its streets and churches, full of artistic and cultural richness, history, gastronomy, distinguished by the warmth and generosity of its people. It also enjoys one of the best climates in the world. This city is ideal to live or invest in it, restaurants, bars, hotels or Airbnb is magnificent.

Its baroque charm is mixed with attractions and experiences of this picturesque city that invites you to stay forever.

If your priority is to enjoy quiet places, art and culture either for relaxation, retirement or investment, then it is the ideal place. Undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in mexico 2024.

Visit Mexico Aguas Calientes


Aguascalientes manages to combine its colonial style and design while keeping its eyes on the future. Its cobblestone streets wind through a city that is home to major conventions as well as international companies, including several automobile manufacturers.

Provides a thriving quality of life

To live in Aguascalientes is to ensure a prosperous quality of life for citizens and for new residents who move to the city.

The Aguascalientes Quality of Life Index rates the city with 80 out of 100 points, which is based on quality in the private and public education sector, good real estate, health centers, entertainment, mobility, environment and citizen coexistence.

In addition, the quality of life in Aguascalientes also stands out for having a pleasant temperate climate, as it does not maintain high or very low temperatures throughout the year.

It has high quality public services

Another reason to live in Aguascalientes is its excellent quality public services, since it is a city that is in constant growth, which seeks that all neighborhoods and communities have the best coverage and resources in all services.

The municipal government of Aguascalientes since 2017 has been modernizing the public lighting system by implementing LED technology, with the aim of saving electricity and reducing pollution levels in the city.

Likewise, the sustainable project of "Better lit streets are also safer streets" was implemented, with the objective of providing safety to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

The city also stands out for having the best garbage collection, paving, drainage, internet services and tourism promotion services, according to the 2019 Most Livable Cities study.

Maintains excellent environmental quality and mobility.

One of the advantages of living in Aguascalientes is the high quality public services, which has made air quality and urban mobility improve in the capital, benefiting residents.

According to the Quality of Life Index 2019 the population considers that the city has clean air and good environmental quality.

This is due to the maintenance of parks and gardens, garbage collection in streets and main roads, and the implementation of regulations to prevent environmental contingencies.

On the other hand, the 2019 Urban Mobility Index ranks Aguascalientes in 3rd place for public transport safety.

The city also has regulations and policies in favor of mobility in the urban area and road congestion.

It is a friendly city for seniors

International Living magazine announced that Aguascalientes is one of the top 5 destinations in Mexico to live after retirement, the study evaluates eight categories rigorously (real estate, health services, ease of integration, cost of living, etc.).

Likewise, the National Survey of Demographic Dynamics 2018 (ENADID) established that in Aguascalientes 10.7% of the population are people over 60 years of age.

While 48.2% of older adults live in nuclear households, so if you are thinking of moving to another city with your whole family, Aguascalientes is the best place for them.

Due to the above, it is also considered that the friendly cities for seniors are the hydrocalida lands, which provide wellness in the health of seniors thanks to its mild climate.

It has a wide range of jobs

Aguascalientes is divided into neighborhoods with different characteristics, you will find bullfighters, engravers or artisans, however, there are also other economic sectors that have grown in the city to generate jobs.

Because it is a city for pensioners and retirees, jobs have been generated in the health sector for geriatric specialties. Also, you will find jobs in the industrial, commercial, livestock and mining sectors.

On the other hand, according to the results of the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE) of INEGI, for the month of July 2019 in the city of Aguascalientes, an Unemployment Rate (TD) of 3.6% was recorded. Therefore, 96.4% of the population is economically active.

It offers a wide real estate offer

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) established that Aguascalientes has an expected growth in the real estate sector of 5% with respect to 2019.

The type of housing offered in Aguascalientes is medium and high, likewise, the economic growth of the population facilitates the demand for products, services and places of recreation, allowing it to invest in real estate.

The prices to buy a house in the city of Aguascalientes range from $430,000.00 MXN to $11,5000,000.00 MXN in residential areas.


The section, which includes the calculation of life satisfaction by domains such as family, partner, economic situation, and housing, indicates that Colima is located as one of the best places to live in Mexico.

Evaluation of Mayors

Colima ranked first in the Mayors Evaluation Index -which considers the ability to solve the main problem perceived in the municipality and the general perception of the direction of the city.

The work of the mayors of Colima, Leoncio Morán, and Manzanillo, Griselda Martínez, were evaluated respectively with 7.8 (the highest in the country) and 6.8 points out of 10, according to the study.

Below Colima was San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León (52.75) and San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León (52.63). The cities with the lowest results were Victoria, Tamaulipas (17.93); Chetumal, Quintana Roo (20.36) and Tijuana, Baja California (22.36).

Satisfaction with Municipal Services

The capital city of Colima, with 51.69 points, ranked fourth in this parameter -where citizens' satisfaction with public services in their localities is studied-, while Manzanillo was the 16th city in the national ranking, with 44.25 points.

Above Colima was San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León (55.37); Mérida, Yucatán (53.87), and San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León (53.42). The worst evaluated cities were Ecatepec, State of Mexico (28.42); Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas (30.07), and Chetumal, Quintana Roo (30.15).

Social Cohesion

Colima capital city ranked fourth, with 6.08 points out of 10 -in the concept that reviews the attitudes and behaviors of citizens, as well as the quality of social cooperation-, while Manzanillo, with 5.75, ranked 32nd in the national ranking.

Above Colima was San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León (6.23); Mérida, Yucatán (6.20), and La Paz, Baja California Sur (6.09). The worst evaluated cities were Chimalhuacán, Estado de México (5.23); Ecatepec, Estado de México (5.31) and Acapulco, Guerrero (5.34).


Ajijic is the perfect place to retire and a favorite of many foreigners who live in the area near the Chapala Lagoon, Ajijic offers mild temperatures year-round, with an average of 70ºF (21ºC) in January. If the climate is not enough to tempt you, keep in mind that a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in this area can cost around US$125,000. (2.5 Mdp)

The climate, its proximity to an international airport (15 minutes) and to Guadalajara (45 minutes), the state capital, as well as the security with which people still live here, are the main attractions for living in Mexico, according to the people themselves.

Who wouldn't like to live in a place located on the shore of a silent lake. Where total relaxation and true rest are possible? That paradisiacal enclave. It could be compared to a medicine that cures instantly and completely, but is hard to find. This is the reason why almost 20,000 foreigners have made Ajijic their dream place.

During the weekends, Ajijic's malecon becomes the epicenter of the town, the inhabitants go for a stroll, enjoy the Mexican folklore and eat antojitos accompanied by the palm trees that surround the waters of the lake and the beautiful view of the background.

The great gastronomic offer, natural tourist attractions, events and outdoor activities captivate North Americans and tourists from all over the world alike. The perfect climate of the place - it is ranked as the second best in the world by National Geographic - together with the friendly and helpful nature of the Mexican people makes everyone come back or decide to stay. You can buy properties in Ajijic starting at $2.5 million pesos (125,000 usd).


Monterrey is a great option, it has a solid economy with great growth potential. Fortunately, Monterrey has one of the strongest economies in Latin America thanks to the industrial growth it has experienced in recent years.

These economic conditions generate abundant job opportunities, so the unemployment rate in this city is lower than the rest of the country. It stands at 6%. Today the most sought-after skills are in the automotive, technological, agro-industrial and medical sectors, without forgetting that salaries are above the national average.

Living in this city gives you the opportunity to train in institutions with high educational levels, especially in university education. The "Tecnológico de Monterrey" (TEC), the "Universidad de Nuevo León" and the "Universidad de Monterrey" are ranked among the best higher education centers in the country and Latin America.

Water quality in Monterrey is high. The Water and Drainage Service is one of the best in Latin America. So you will not have problems with drinking water or rationing measures.

Monterrey, an industrial city but of great beauty, is the city with more development and economic stability in Mexico, an ideal city to do business and have economic stability if you are looking for it, it also has several of the best higher education institutions, although Monterrey is not the best option in security and peace you are looking for, but its crime rate is much lower than other cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara, its great economic and labor growth make it one of the best cities in Mexico to live in.


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