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What to Invest in This 2024 - Arpr Mexico

Updated: Jan 8

When investing, we must look at the relationship between time and money, time is money and money is time. When we work, we are paid for our time, and every minute that passes is an opportunity to generate income, and when we do not generate income, we have less time to enjoy our time. At the same time, we have recently experienced complications in world economies due to diseases, as well as the recent pandemic related to COVID 19.

This made many of us rethink our ways of investing and living. We realized that many businesses are obsolete for today's market, and that global economic life is becoming increasingly digital.

Businesses to start investing in 2024

Stock Market

Few people are familiar with the stock markets or called Forex, most people believe that it is an exclusive market for certain types of economies or business markets. When in fact anyone can invest in the stock market, there are many well-known applications in the middle you just have to create an account in your favorite app, and manage your investments. Only at the moment of creating your account we recommend you to practice on a demo account and familiarize yourself with it, as well as researching a little more about it. Because, just as it is easy to make money, it is easy to lose it.

You can open stock trades from 10 usd in index markets and currencies such as DOW JONES, NASDAQ, SP500, DAX, stock indexes in general and currencies. For stocks you can invest from 20 usd in stocks such as APPLE, AMAZON, TESLA up to the amount you like. Some platforms will ask for a minimum deposit of 100 usd and then you can deposit the amount you want.

Investing in real estate

One of the best options to invest, or rather it is the best because it is very safe, is to invest in real estate. Real estate has always been the safest option to invest par excellence and at the same time grow our patrimony immediately, it is an option that is not for everyone, since to start investing you need thousands of dollars, although nowadays there are real estate development companies that have the crowdfunding modality in which they use your investment as capital and when generating capital gain you will get a percentage depending on the amount of your investment.

Investing in gold

Gold is an important metal when it comes to investing, since apart from its price it has an important value, remember that price is not the same as value, we see it today with cryptocurrencies, which today have a high price and high demand, but in turn are volatile because they lack a value that supports their prices. This makes gold as it is well known to be a precious metal with grounded value, as it serves not only as a luxury artifact, but also as an industrial material and great backing of world economies. Investing in gold has always been one of the best investment options for many centuries. Nowadays investing in gold is easier, as we can invest in it on the stock exchange or Forex from our favorite application. Its currency in the stock market always goes up in times of political or economic uncertainty.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Investing in cryptocurrencies is in one of its best moments, it is an option in which many trust and at the same time many fear it due to its high risk because of its volatility, investing in cryptocurrencies can give you immediate benefits as well as spontaneous losses, we recommend investing in them through trading, but preferably we recommend trading with stock indexes, currencies or stocks, as these are less volatile and also generate instant benefits.


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