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How Much It Costs to Live in Merida Mexico 2024 - ARPR MEXICO

Updated: Jan 8

Merida, Mexico is considered the safest city to live in Mexico. Yucatan is the cradle of Mayan culture, Mayan ruins, gastronomy and has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its culture, safety index, cleanliness, and quality of life.

Yucatan is in high demand today, as it welcomes more and more foreign and local residents looking to retire or families relocating in search of peace and quiet. Property in Merida is much more affordable than in northern Mexico and other large cities.

What is the cost of living in Merida?

  • Cost of housing

  • Transportation cost

  • Cost of food

  • Cost of health services

  • Cost of basic services

  • Entertainment cost

Housing Costs

The state of Yucatan is perfect to invest in houses or apartments because it enjoys an important economic activity. Yucatan is a state with excellent growth and real estate development. Investing in Merida has become an option for national and foreign investors. Being a growing city, with a high level of citizen security and a continuous prosperity, this guarantees a capital gain in the short and long term.

The state's economy has been boosted by a series of national and international investments, which together are estimated at more than 47 billion pesos. During 2019 alone, Yucatan received 151.3 million dollars in foreign direct investment, thus registering an increase of 74.35% in that year compared to 2018 and was the seventh fastest growing entity in the country.

An example of this is the construction of large shopping centers with the arrival of new companies, which can be considered as signs that the city is prosperous.

To buy houses in Merida you might need a minimum investment of 850 thousand pesos.


  • Rent a house in Merida north of the city furnished (expensive area) ($16,000 MXN).

  • Rent of a furnished house in a normal area of the city ($7,000MXN)

  • Average bimonthly electricity, water and electricity expenses ($1,230 MXN)

  • Internet 10 mbps (1 month) ($350 MXN)

  • Investing in a 3-4 bedroom 1 or 2 story house north of the city ($2,500,000 MXN)

Cost of Public Transportation

In Merida the public transportation is one of the best in Mexico, since they are always in continuous renovation of routes, the cost of transportation is $7.50 MXN general, for children and seniors $2.50 MXN. Whenever you arrive to a new city either to live or to visit it is important to know the available means of transportation and how the roads are.


In Merida it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get from one point to another, this being the farthest point in the city. Likewise, going to the beaches of Yucatan, such as Progress Beach, takes 30 minutes. This makes the quality of life even better. The streets of Merida are ordered by numbers and letters, the order of these goes from smallest to largest and in multiples of 2, that is to say if you are in the street 102 the following one will be 104 and its crossings will be odd, as an example: street 102 between 75 and 77. The vertical streets or the longest North - South are even and the horizontal east-west are odd, this is what many residents love, since it is almost impossible to get lost, you can locate yourself quickly and at the same time get to your destination quickly, of course we can always count on the wise google maps.

Price of public transportation

The public transportation fare has dropped by 50 cents, it currently costs $7.50 MXN for adults and $2.50 MXN for children and students.

Price of private transportation

Private transportation in Merida is characterized by Taxis and different platforms both local, national and international, the most used public transportation platforms available are Uber, Didi, Indriver, Cabify.

Cabs are called taximetro, as they have a special meter to calculate the price per kilometer - time. The minimum fare in cabs is $20.00 MXN. And in the platforms it is $25 MXN.

If you have your own car you will find the price of gasoline at approximately $19 MXN per liter. You can find cars for sale from $50,000 MXN of medium use and in good condition.

Food costs

In Merida you will find different types of gastronomy, eating in a restaurant ranges from $180.00 MXN to $500.00 MXN. The monthly or biweekly groceries include products of the basic food basket such as rice, beans, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. The price of the basic food basket in Merida has an average cost of $750.00 MXN at the supermarket or convenience stores. (1 person average)


  • Menu of the day average economy kitchen (including beverage) ($100 MXN)

  • Full menu in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Index) ($118 MXN)

  • 1 bottle of red wine prices from $99 MXN

  • 2 liters of coca-cola ($34 MXN)

  • Piece of sweet or savory bread ($3 MXN)

  • 1 kg (2 lb.) of apples ($36 MXN)

  • 1 national or super market beer ($15MXN - $16 MXN)

Cost of health services

Merida is considered one of the best cities for health care in Mexico, as the speed, infrastructure, quality and attention outperform other cities in Mexico. The best hospitals in Merida are Star Medica, Clinica de Merida, Hospital Faro, among others.


  • Medical consultation in private hospital ($500 - $600 MXN)

  • Cold medicine for 6 days (tylenol, frenadol, coldrex, or equivalent) ($100 MXN)

  • Fees for general blood tests ($150 MXN)

Cost of basic services

The basic services of Yucatan are relatively inexpensive, we refer to services in costs of water, electricity, Internet, purified water, garbage, telephone and cell phone. The costs of water and electricity are bimonthly.


  • Drinking water bimonthly $250 MXN

  • Bimonthly electric energy $700 MXN

  • Monthly Internet $350 MXN

  • Internet + phone + netflix package $500 MXN

  • Purified water bottle $27 MXN

  • Garbage $30 MXN

Entertainment cost

Merida has many activities and nightlife, including cultural activities such as the Merida Fest, Filux among others. There are also many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, beaches, and theaters in the city.


  • Dinner for two in an average restaurant ($500 MXN)

  • Entrance to a movie theater in a shopping mall ($70 MXN)

  • 1 cocktail, drink at a popular club or disco ($90 MXN)

  • 1 beer in a restaurant or bar ($35 MXN)

  • Monthly gym membership in a shopping mall ($399 MXN)


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