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The exquisite Yucatecan Gastronomy - ARPR MÉXICO

The exquisite Yucatecan cuisine is based on a mixture of ingredients based on their ancestors, the ancient Maya. The blend and mixture of flavors are a delight to the palate, the mixture of various ingredients brought from Europe, with Mayan and Middle Eastern contributions make these dishes are nominated among the best in the world.

comida típica de Yucatán

Typical food of Yucatan

Variety of smells, flavors and colors, from Cochinita Pibil, Sopes, Salbutes, Panuchos, Poc Chuc, Sopa de Lima, Relleno Negro and the delicious Queso Relleno. Among many other dishes, they make up the menu of the delicious Yucatecan gastronomy.

Moluleños Eggs

Eggs motuleños are a typical breakfast dish from the town of Motul. The dish is based on a fried tortilla with black refried beans and a fried/stellated egg on top, to which is added a sauce prepared with tomatoes, diced ham and peas, along with other ingredients and spices, a favorite in Yucatán homes.

Mucbipollo - Pib

Mukbil Pollo, mukbi pollo (in maya: Muk: Bury; Bil: twist, ‘The two particles together: Mukbil, literally mean: "that has been or should be buried", from which Mukbil-chicken would be: Chicken that has been buried.') or pib is the name in Yucatec Maya language of a stew prepared from corn dough, pork fat (lard), chicken and various seasonings, forming a kind of large tamale, wrapped in banana leaves and cooked slowly under the ground in the Mayan style. It is customary to prepare it on the occasion of the Day of the Dead, November 2, constituting a culinary tradition in the Yucatan Peninsula, and particularly in the states of Campeche and Yucatan. In Campeche it is also known as "pibilpollo".

Panuchos Yucatecos

The Panucho is a typical dish of Yucatán cuisine. The traditional panucho consists of a corn tortilla with a small cut on the edge and filled with strained beans. Once this is done, it is fried in oil or lard. It is then topped with cochinita pibil, pickled red onion and tamulated habanero chili sauce.

Salbut Yucateco

Salbut is a traditional dish of Yucatan gastronomy. It consists of a corn tortilla fried in oil or lard, so that it is a little puffy and soft, served with lettuce, tomato julienne, onion, turkey meat or shredded chicken and avocado, you can take ball cheese.

Queso Relleno

Queso relleno is a typical dish from the state of Yucatan, Mexico. It consists of a hollowed out piece of ball cheese stuffed with ground meat or picadillo and presented in a wheat flour sauce called Kol and tomato sauce, undoubtedly one of the favorite Yucatecan delights in the homes of Merida.

Cochinita Pibil

The famous cochinita pibil is a stew corresponding to the gastronomy of Yucatan, based on pork marinated in achiote, wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in an earth oven using a pre-Hispanic technique known as pib, is one of the best known and most popular dishes in the state of Yucatan, it is customary to eat on Sundays for breakfast, this dish can be found in many establishments from small food stalls to well-known restaurants.

Escabeche oriental o escabeche negro

It is prepared with the traditional turkey or chicken roasted over charcoal and seasoned with onion, pepper and spices of the region. Its name is due to its origin in the eastern region of Yucatán. It is served with broth and roasted Xcatic chile, with the chicken served in pieces or shredded.


The origin of this dish is Mayan. It can also be found written as: papatzul, papasul, papak-tsul, papa-dzul or papak-sul. The name comes from the Maya papak (very spread) and zul (to soak, soak or feast); or from papa (food) and dzul (gentleman), that is, "gentleman's food" or "food of the gentlemen". Less frequent are the black papadzules, in which the pumpkin seed sauce is replaced by strained beans.


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