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Best Neighborhoods to Live in CDMX 2024 - Arpr México

Updated: Jan 8

Mexico City is the largest metropolis in Latin America, the most important city in Mexico and one of the most important points of convergence in the country; its wide range of labor, salary, tourist, gastronomic, cultural, educational and commercial offerings make this great city an interesting place to live.

Neighborhoods to live in Mexico City

In turn, large metropolises as we know well the bigger they get, the more everything becomes equivalent. The city has more and more big buildings, more traffic, but at the same time more infrastructure development, real estate development and constant changes in laws.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, which is characterized as a modern and constantly growing neighborhood, is increasingly hosting new investors who enjoy its constantly growing capital gains. Known for its corporate skyscrapers, it is the most modern area of Mexico City. The streets are bustling during the day and quieter and calmer at night. The area is home to international restaurants offering everything from fast food to upscale dining.

Santa Fe has several university campuses and international chain hotels, as well as Centro Santa Fe, an extensive shopping mall with 500 stores that is among the largest in Latin America. It is Mexico City's financial district par excellence and is characterized by its high value and contemporary buildings.


Santa Fe is located in the Cuajimalpa and Álvaro Obregón delegations and in addition to housing the most important national and foreign corporations, it also has several prestigious educational institutions.

This part of Mexico City continues to grow steadily with a great architectural proposal. Properties in Santa Fe range from $4 million pesos to $54 million pesos.


Polanco is one of the most important areas of the city, which enjoys a very high capital gain, the properties in the area have an American colonial style that contrasts with modern buildings.

Polanco is home to the main shopping avenue in the center of this prestigious district. On Masaryk Avenue, famous brands from around the world and upscale international restaurants. Adjacent to the avenue, tree-lined streets are home to neo-colonial Spanish mansions and luxury apartments.

To the north, Nuevo Polanco features modern architecture, including the futuristic Soumaya Museum, with its large Rodin collection and one of the largest aquariums in Latin America.

It is a very versatile area with a wide variety of gastronomic sites ranging from restaurants and bars to specialized places with complex gastronomic proposals. As well as offices, shopping malls, supermarkets, museums and hotels.

The purchasing level of this neighborhood is usually high, property prices range between 4 MDP and 47 million pesos, on average, depending on whether it is a house or an apartment.

These are the best areas to live in Mexico City and where you should build your patrimony, because over time its value will increase. In addition, the quality of life offered by their location is unique.


Wide tree-lined avenues, majestic art nouveau mansions and well-preserved art deco apartment buildings give the exclusive La Condesa neighborhood a distinctive European ambience. Hipsters walk dogs in shady España Park and young professionals discover the latest trends in cutting-edge boutiques. Stylish outdoor cafés, trendy international bistros and casual taquerias dot the area. At night, the younger crowd fills the upscale bars and nightclubs.

Like the Roma neighborhood, it enjoys a very high added value due to its cultural offerings, nightlife and recreational spaces. It also connects with the main roads such as Reforma and Insurgentes avenues and is a very central area.

In the Condesa you can find restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, an emerging design industry and boutique hotels, which give a bohemian and sophisticated air to the area. It is the trendy place to be and where everyone wants to live, because it is a neighborhood that has it all. In this area you will find properties for sale from 3.7 MDP.

San Ángel

Once a rural hamlet far from the city, San Angel is today a charming neighborhood of cobblestone streets and bougainvillea-covered colonial houses. Terrace cafes and upscale restaurants line the tree-lined Plaza San Jacinto, and the 17th-century El Carmen monastery is now a major museum. The area also offers galleries, popular Saturday art markets, and the adjoining homes of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, now a museum.

This area is located south of the Mexican capital and is known for its traditional colonial architecture. This is usually a place of great attraction for foreign residents for its tranquility and picturesque charm.

In this neighborhood you can still find typical traditional food and handicrafts from different regions of Mexico. In addition, it is an area of great added value, people who live in San Angel tend to have a good purchasing power.

This area in the south of Mexico City is ideal for families because of its tranquility and green areas. In addition to having prestigious educational services, health, bars and restaurants.

San Angel is very common to be this quiet. Security is a very important aspect to pay attention to when buying a house.

For this reason, the San Angel neighborhood is recognized for being one of the quietest neighborhoods in Mexico City.

The accesses to the recreational areas such as its plazas, parks and shopping centers are under constant surveillance, and it is also a very quiet place to take those Sunday walks with your family.

In San Angel, the lighting is essential to provide a safe environment at all times of the day. In the neighborhood there is a constant presence of green areas, so they can easily consume the light of public lighting.

For this reason, it was decided to have a street lighting system, suitable for this type of circumstances. In this area you will find properties from 3.2 million pesos.


It is the classic bohemian neighborhood of large metropolises, characterized by its wide cultural and entertainment offer, as well as bars, nightclubs and restaurants. It is a very popular neighborhood among young people due to the nightlife it offers, as well as for its variety of recreational spaces.

Between the Doctores neighborhood to the east and the Chapultepec forest to the west, Colonia Roma in the Cuauhtémoc district is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Mexico City. The Roma was built as a neighborhood from the beginning of the 20th century, the result of the need of an upper class of intellectuals and professionals of liberal trades.

As for the architecture of the Porfiriato when the urban planning of the Roma was designed, despite the damage of the earthquakes we still find buildings ranging from eclecticism to villas of the Belle Époque and art Nouveau style or, to a lesser extent, art deco and neocolonial architecture.

In addition, the wide variety of recreational spaces makes families want to settle in this neighborhood. It has an excellent connection with public transportation and bicycle paths that facilitate mobility. La Roma is located between main avenues such as Reforma and Insurgentes.

La Roma is well connected with public transportation, Metrobus (lines 1 and 3) such as Nuevo León, Chilpancingo, Campeche, Sonora, Álvaro Obregón, Durango and Insurgentes of line 1; and Cuauhtémoc, Jardín Pushkin, Dr. Márquez, Hospital General and Centro Médico of line 3. On the other hand, the subway arrives through line 1 with several stops: Cuauhtémoc, Insurgentes, Sevilla and Chapultepec; and line 9: Chilpancingo Centro Médico stations. In this area you will find properties from 3 million pesos.


Curiously, this is the area where many nationals and foreigners wish to live, due to the colonial and Mexican charm that this historic neighborhood exudes. Its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, gastronomic and cultural offerings, as well as its bohemian atmosphere and excellent location make it an ideal place to live for young people and families.

A quiet lifestyle, a lot of history and a relaxed cultural environment are some of the things that Coyoacán offers to make your home. Coyoacán is home to the 21 magical tourist neighborhoods chosen by the Ministry of Tourism.

Part of the charm that surrounds Coyoacan is the link with Mexican art and its greatest exponents Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

The properties in this area vary depending on the neighborhood you choose, you can find properties from 1.2 million pesos to properties of 50 million pesos on average.


This is a neighborhood of contrasts, because despite its commercial and business dynamism, it also retains its tranquility and family atmosphere, being a central and comfortable option that balances residential areas with office spaces. Its parks and gardens allow you to enjoy afternoon strolls and weekends without the hustle and bustle; it is also home to important buildings in the city such as the Polyforum Siqueiros and the World Trade Center Mexico City. In this area you will find properties from 2.8 million pesos.


One of the best neighborhoods for those looking for a quiet space, well located and with all the characteristics of a modern neighborhood. In its streets you will find parks where you can practice sports, take the kids to enjoy the playgrounds or take a walk with your pets. In addition, the neighborhood is full of small cafes and restaurants that offer a variety of food at affordable prices; and if you want to cook at home, the stores and supermarkets will be very close, so stocking the pantry will be easy. Although the area is surrounded by bars and cantinas, life in Narvarte remains relaxed and uncomplicated.

In Narvarte you will find a quiet, if less familiar, lifestyle. The area has become an important labor center with small and medium-sized businesses and in recent years has experienced a real estate explosion of multiple apartment buildings for residential purposes.

It is known for its great gastronomic offer where its taquerias stand out and for being one of the safest neighborhoods in Mexico City. It has an important shopping center, public transportation and easy access roads that connect it with Condesa, Del Valle and Nápoles.

If your work is located in one of these areas but you want to avoid the chaos of the city and you like to try new places to eat, you should know the offer of apartments in Narvarte ideal for you. In this area you will find properties from 2.8 MDP.

San Rafael

San Rafael It is located in the Cuauhtémoc district and is popular due to its proximity to important work centers: Reforma, Anzures, Polanco and Condesa. In this neighborhood it is also easy to access the northern part of the city thanks to its central location surrounded by public transportation and main roads.

Unlike the neighborhoods it is surrounded by, here you will find a varied real estate offer, but without paying a large amount of money when buying an apartment. San Rafael is a very quiet area and has a peculiar cultural and artistic activity that is positioning it among the young population.

If you work in the central-west area of the city, like to go out on weekends and live a relaxed life surrounded by culture and art, San Rafael is the perfect neighborhood to live in. In this area you will find properties from 2.8 MDP.


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