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Rivas lawyers in Mérida offers comprehensive legal advice and representation. If you are facing a legal problem or situation, we can offer youLegal advice on Divorces in Mérida 

Divorce Lawyers Mérida 

Rivas Abogados has been working with clients in Mérida, offering personalized services and timely advice for 20 years. We know how complex and  overwhelming a legal process can be. Our commitment is to help you fully understand your rights and the issues that affect your case. 

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Divorce is undoubtedly a complicated legal process and can be filled with unpleasant surprises and frustrating delays.

For that reason, the following is a step-by-step description of how a Merida divorce case proceeds. And although your marital separation may differ a little due to the laws of your state, or due to specific issues between you and your spouse, here you will surely get an idea of how long the separation process usually lasts, for this it is necessary to go with a divorce lawyer in Merida.




Start of Divorce:

It all starts when one of the spouses hires a divorce attorney to draft a divorce petition. Also known as a "petition for divorce." That legal document sets out why the spouse wants to separate and how they want to reach an agreement on financial issues, child custody, alimony or child support, among other details. Thedivorce lawyer in MeridaI will carry out the following steps depending on your case.


  • Filing of Complaint: The divorce attorney files the petition or complaint with the court.

  • Service to spouse: The attorney makes sure that the petition has been served on the other spouse. The response of said spouse is also requested within a certain period.

  • Spouse notified response: The spouse must say how they want to deal with divorce decisions, and must respond within a specified time (approximately three weeks). The response must also state whether or not the served spouse agrees to the petition for divorce. If you do not respond, the court will consider that you have agreed to the terms set forth by the petitioning spouse.

  • Exchange of documents and information: For example, the couple agrees to manage assets and income. By analyzing this information, the spouses and the court decide how to divide their assets, assign child support, and spousal support.

  • Mediation process: Sometimes the couple can voluntarily resolve all of their problems through mediation or settlement. In fact, some states require divorcing couples to go through this process.

  • Acceptance of the agreement: If an agreement is reached, it must be presented to a judge in an informal hearing. The judge asks some very basic factual questions to find out if each party understands and voluntarily chooses to sign the agreement.

  • The Divorce Decree: If the judge approves the settlement, the couple is offered a divorce decree explaining what they have agreed to. If the judge does not approve, or if the couple does not reach an agreement, the case goes to trial.

  • The Divorce Trial: At the trial, the divorce attorney presents evidence and arguments in favor of each party and the judge decides the unresolved issues. For example, child custody and visitation, child support, property division, and other divorce terms. Once the judge reaches a conclusion, he grants the divorce.

  • Appeal: One or both spouses can appeal the judge's decision to a higher court. However, it is unusual for an appellate court to overturn the judge's decision. Agreements generally cannot be appealed if both spouses agree to their terms.


How long does it take to get divorced?

The divorce process can take from a few months to several years, it is difficult to determine how long these steps will take in your specific case, so check with yourdivorce lawyer in Merida


In general, the more cooperative the couple is and the more reasonable concessions the parties make, the easier and faster the divorce process will be.

Contact a licensed attorney in Mérida.


Contact a Divorce Lawyer in Mérida





What does a lawyer do in Mérida?

Lawyers in Mérida exercise legal defense in a trial, as well as the judicial and administrative processes caused or suffered by it. Also, advise and give advice on judicial matters. Lawyers are professionals with knowledge in various areas of legislation (criminal, labor, commercial, administrative, tax, among others) and their training involves knowledge of history, philosophy, culture, literature, oratory, economics, sociology, teleology, forensic sciences and politics, for which they usually hold hierarchical positions in the administration of the State and its government.


Go with a lawyer in Mérida



How can lawyers in Merida advise and guide me?

They can be oriented towards a private profile, as an advisor and representative of natural and/or legal persons, or have a public profile linked to the government and public administration. In most of the legal systems of the various countries, for the exercise of this profession, university studies in Law are required —law degree—, to be registered in a bar association in Mérida or to have a State authorization to practice. Not only is it necessary to know the Law in strictly technical terms, but it is also necessary to acquire a series of skills that will be necessary in the exercise of the profession. A lawyer is expected to know how to listen to his clients, or, for example, to be effective when writing a document.


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How much does a lawyer charge in Mérida?

Most lawyers in Merida charge a lower percentage if the case is resolved before the lawyer does all the work necessary to go to trial. If you and your attorney agree to a contingency fee, the attorney must put the agreement in writing and provide you with a signed copy. The attorney's out-of-pocket costs, in many cases, are not included in the attorney's fees. You should be sure to pay attention to how an attorney bills you for outside costs.


Before hiring a Lawyer, it is important to ask for a prior estimate to find out how much their fees are and the rest of the expenses that may arise from the procedure (intervention of the Solicitor, experts, notarial testimony, etc.).


Before starting the professional relationship, it is important that a contract or order form be signed between the Lawyer and the Client, stating the services that the Lawyer will perform, the amount of the fees and the form of payment.



Quote prices with a lawyer in Mérida

Our work does not end there, since we follow up and inform you about all the relevant details of the procedure that is being carried out. Rivas Lawyers in Mérida keeps you informed and offers you personalized guidance so that you can make the best decisions. We are here to protect your interests. Call today to schedule an appointment.



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